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The goals of the “WISE” conference include 1) listen to world-known scientists and learn from their careers, 2) discuss key vulnerabilities that stop/difficult women's careers in Ecology, such as invisibility, maternity or abuse, 3) identify activities and protocols to visibilize and protect women’s careers, to be implemented by the different ecological societies 4) promote and reward women ecologists.

Fecha: 04/11/2020
Hora: 09 : 00
Duración: 2 Días 
Localización: Virtual Conference
Coste: 10 €

Virtual conference, 4-6th November 2020.

Registration, program and more info available at https://www.wisecology.net/

During these days we will have the opportunity to meet more than 20 speakers, who will introduce the different topics of discussion. We will have online-live sessions and pre-recorded talks. We will update the list as soon as the speakers would be confirmed, keep an eye out to meet them all!
  • Anna Traveset Vilagines. Recorded talk (Spain)
  • Hazel Norman. Recorded talk (UK)
  • Maria Amélia Martins-Loução. Recorded talk (Portugal)
  • Esther Sebastian. Live talk (Spain)
  • Carola Gómez-Rodríguez. Recorded talk (Spain)
  • Soledad Domingo. Recorded talk (Spain)
  • Lucía Latorre. Recorded talk (Spain)
  • Moria Robinson. Recorded talk (USA)
  • Lourdes López Merino. Live talk (Spain)
  • Julie Messier. Recorded talk (Canada)
  • Alexandra-Maria Klein. Recorded talk (Germany)
  • Florencia Yannelli Lucero. Live talk (Germany)
  • Cirenia Arias Baldrich. Recorded talk (UK)
  • Montserrat Vila. Recorded talk (Spain)
  • Pauline Gagnon. Recorded talk (USA)
  • Florence Volaire. Recorded talk (France)
  • Sara Gamboa. Recorded talk (Spain)
  • Hélène Morlon. Live talk (France)
  • Joan Roughgarden. Recorded talk (USA)
  • A Márcia Barbosa. Live talk (Portugal)
  • Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier. Live talk (France)
  • Natalie Cooper. Recorded talk (UK)
  • Lee Hsiang Liow. Live talk (Norway)
Registration and more information will be available here soon.

This event is made possible thanks to the support of several institutions.

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